Mark Your Place in Massage History!

(December, 2014)

Plans are coming along for the Massage Therapy Repository at Su Casa. Please join the effort to make sure you are part of history by filling in the form below for our 4th edition.

(December, 2013)

The Massage Therapy Repository at Boulder College of Massage Therapy has closed. The new location will be in Roaring River, NC at a facility under construction on 22 acres called "Su Casa", as part of the Massage Therapy Project - "Home".

We are working on our 3rd Edition.......Make your mark on history by sending in your information on the form below!

(December, 2010)

Every massage therapist in the world has a vested interest in the Massage Therapy Repository at Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Our drive is to mark time in history. Who were massage therapists in 1911? We don't know of many. In 2011, we will begin a record.

This project will enable every willing therapist to mark their place in Massage History. You don't have to be a teacher, be famous, or hold an office, just do massage therapy. Each year, this information will be printed, bound in the form of a "yearbook" and placed in the Repository.

Our first edition will be printed just before the Grand Opening in Spring, 2011, be a charter member!

Just think of being able to stop in Boulder, Colorado and show your grandchildren your name in the Repository!

Please join us by simply adding your name and state in the form below. (No personal information will be printed in this book or online.) If you would like to add our logo on your website so others will know of this effort, we would appreciate it as well.

In closing I would like to say, massage therapists worldwide pour their lives and hearts into their work and do it with little appreciation or financial compensation for countless hours of work. You should be recognized and thanked, so I have thought of a way to do both.
You can be recognized every day online at

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